Things I've made or helped with

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Things I've made:

@PossumEveryHour Twitter bot

Documentation site which includes things such as:

World of Warcraft and misc assets for Source Filmmaker which have appeared on:

Powershell script for automated Vray renderer error and warning reporting on Discord

H.E.V. Suit Clock World of Warcraft Addon

Things I've co-created or projects I assisted with:

"Slavsurgency" character model overhaul for Insurgency

Garry's Mod Playermodels for which I datamined meshes for and converted the assets

"Decadence" Doom II Mod which I have created 3D assets for and helped with enemy design

[SFM] Warcraft 2 Intro Remake for which I have provided 3D assets for

Team Neighborhood - Episode 4 - Bush Beaters for which I have provided custom 3D assets for

Collaboration with Krunkidile providing 3D assets, Pseudo-PBR asset conversion and rigging for CaptainScrapples' Twitch BRB screen


Interview with "22 Adorable Photos From The Twitter Page #PossumEveryHour That May Make You See These Creatures Differently"